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Technogeek reviews that make sense.

Let our resident technogeek, John Gaver, tell you not only if something is good or bad, but he'll cut past the hype and explain why, in a way that makes sense. is run by John Gaver, who is a retired electronic engineer and businessman, who through years of dealing with customers, has learned to translate techno-speak into plain english.

While you can expect a little more detail in our reviews, than you might get elsewhere, we won't bore you with details. But where it's necessary, we'll give you enough details to understand why a particular point is important or unimportant.

There's lots of hype out there, today. Some of it is real and some isn't. Sometimes it's easy to spot the hype. Other times, it takes some digging and technical understanding, to figure it out. Take something as simple as a common lithium ion battery. There are today, model 18650 LiOn batteries being sold on major sites, advertising a charge capacity of 9,800 mAh (milliamp hours). That's physically NOT possible. The practical limit for such batteries is around 3,500 mAh. We'll explain why and you'll understand it.

We hope you like our reviews.


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