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We take your privacy seriously. Privacy Policy

In the most simple of terms, we don't share information
and we don't spam.

We take your privacy seriously.

To us, your privacy is not simply a matter of a business decision. It's a personal commitment.

Not only do the owners of not share personal or private information that we may obtain about those who have visited our web site, done business with us or joined our email list, with any other company or individuals, other than in the case of a court order, but we are very active in the political arena, in pushing for stronger privacy legislation that will better protect the privacy of all people, not only from unethical businesses, but from unnecessary and unwarranted government snooping.

We do not spam. In fact, we are working on a tool that is referred to in the privacy industry, as a "Spam Filter That Fights Back". Such a tool in use by as little as 5-10% of Internet users, would make spam unprofitable for the spammers, long before the overall load on the Internet would be even noticed. I understand that several companies are working along the same lines, but they are all writing software for PCs, while ours will be for Macs. Though only a minor irritant to spammers, one company already has a product that uses spammers' webbugs (email tracking gimmicks) to send confusing data back to spammers.

See Paul Graham's article on how "Spam Filters That Fight Back" will likely work at:

While on the subject of spam, we strongly recommend two best of breed spam filters - one for PCs and one for Macs. After testing many brands of spam filters for clients, these are the ones that we use on our systems and recommend to our consulting clients. In fact, it was the effectiveness of iHateSpam for PCs that got us into marketing software, in the first place. It was our very first affiliate product. We used it, we liked it and we wanted to market it. In fact, in all of our rresearch, we have only found one other product that is any more accurate at identifying spam, while not flagging good email as spam and that is a shareware product called SpamSieve for Mac. Over time, it actually learns what you think is spam and gets more accurate, the longer you use it. It was one of the first to use the Bayesian logic that makes this possible and is still a leader in this area. We earn nothing for recommending SpamSieve. We recommend it, only because it is the best.

Take control of your inbox. Eliminate the frustration and get all that time back. We believe these to be the most accurate spam filters available today. Both are full function downloads.

Download iHateSpam
iHateSpam for PCs
SpamSieve for Macs


While you're at it, you might also want to give some serious consideration to downloading our favorite anti-spyware tool. That's because 80% of PCs are infected with spyware. CounterSpy is a free download and unlike other free downloads, it will not only detect, but remove spyware from your system, during the trial period. Eliminate spyware with CounterSpy now!

CounterSpy for PCs


Your privacy is important to us.

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