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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn the secrets of search engine optimization, so you can either do it yourself or know how to determine which company is best qualified to do it for you.

For years, we have optimized the web sites of our clients and made them rank extremely well in search engines. Now, we show you how to do it yourself.

There's no magic in search engine optimization.

Secrets... yes. Magic... no.

SEO, as it's often abreviated, just takes some common sense, a basic understanding of what the search engines are looking for and a little time. To make it easier and to allow you to cut down on the time, there are some inexpensive tools that can make the work much easier, but even those tools aren't absolutely necessary to your SEO success - just recommended.

Whether you plan to do your own SEO or just want to learn enough to be able to accurately select a properly qualified contractor to do it for you, we'll teach you what need to know. And before you ask the obvious question, I'll answer it.

No. We aren't going to pitch our SEO service to you.

We no longer offer search engine optimization as a stand-alone service. That's why we're willing to teach you what you need to know, to either do it yourself or find someone else, who is qualified, to do it for you. The secrets that we expose in this book are the closely guarded techniques that we've used for a number of years, to give our clients an advantage that other SEO companies could not.

I cannot emphasize enough, that even if you contract out all of your web site design and search engine optimization, there are a few basic things that you need to undersatnd about organic SEO (on-page optimization) and back-linking (off-page optimization), before selecting someone to do your SEO work for you. Otherwise, you risk having the work only half done and your page rank will suffer. Worse yet, unethical SEO companies can end up getting your site banned from the search engines. We'll teach you to avoid these common pitfalls.

Our original plan was to write a comprehensive book on SEO. But after an examination of the market, we discovered that there was already one book that covered almost everything that you might need to know - almost... And best of all, it's FREE (well, they do want your email address).

Even considering the few things that they left out, we couldn't compete with free. So rather than write a comprehensive book on SEO, we decided to point folks at that free book and then write a more targeted book that just filled in the holes that neither that book nor any of the other books covered.

We call it "NO LIMITS SEO!" because we shatter several of the popular myths that many of the SEO books continue to disseminate, concerning certain design "limits" that they incorrectly think you must observe, if you want your page to rank the highest that it possibly can, in the search engines.

We shatter those limits and after you finish reading"NO LIMITS SEO!", even if you know nothing at all about HTML, you will not only understand why these limits are shattered, but why those myths abound, in the first place.

Search Engine Optimization Book
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What you'll find in most SEO books and in the free online book that we'll point you to, is general information on search engine optimization - information that is widely available, though seldom in one place. Of course, it helps if you know where to look, to find this information and how to sort the facts from the hype.

By contrast, in "NO LIMITS SEO!", you'll find important SEO information that, for the most part, we have been unable to find anywhere else, at any price and even those parts that are touched upon in other books are not properly or completely explained in any of them. It's the information that could well push your site over that of your competition.

Together, these two books will not only provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of what goes into traditional search engine optimization, but "NO LIMITS SEO!" will take you far beyond what even most SEO professionals know.

Did you catch that? It will take you beyond what even most SEO professionals know".

In fact, most SEO professionals don't know all of the secrets that are exposed in "NO LIMITS SEO!". That's because we pioneered the "NO LIMITS" techniques that are exposed in this book, right here at and until now, we've kept these secrets to ourselves. If any other SEO professionals know these secrets, they aren't talking - probably for the same reason that we have not exposed these secrets until now - it gives them a tremendous edge over the competition.

It's only because our SEO business was cutting into our more lucrative copywriting business that we found it necessary to cease offering search engine optimization, as a stand-alone service and that's why we're now willing to share these secrets that we have successfully used to push our clients' sites not only onto the first page of the search engines, but above other high-ranking sites that don't use the "NO LIMITS" techniques.

In fact, some very good SEO books (like the one we recommend) completely bypass one ot the key issues that we address in "NO LIMITS SEO!" But that's better than some other books that address these issues and then give you wrong information. In fact, this wrong information is very common.

The question that now hangs ominously in the air is, "How can you know who is right and who is wrong?" After all, maybe we're the ones who are wrong. But we're not wrong and in the book, we'll show you how to prove to yourself and others that we're right on target. The proof is elegantly simple and completely irrefutable.

In fact, this particular point that we explain in detail in "NO LIMITS SEO!" is actually one of the ways that you can tell if your SEO contractor is worth the money that you're spending on them.

Note: Google's February 2011 Panda Update wreaked havoc across the Internet dropping thousands of sites from their long-held first page rankings, due largely to the use of questionable SEO "tricks", used by those sites. According to the award winning website, Search Engine Watch, "Many websites that depend on Google for an income saw their traffic cut by anywhere from 20 to 80 percent". By contrast, every site that had its SEO done by, went UP in rankings after Panda, with no changes required.


For the techno-geek or the technophobe

In our easy to comprehend ebook, "NO LIMITS SEO!", we reveal the latest secrets, discovered right here at It's written in plain language that is easy to understand by either technogeeks or technophobes.

When we set out to teach folks about SEO, it occurred to us that we had to address not one, but two separate audiences - the site owners, who are often less than technically proficient and the SEO professionals, who despite their technical abilities, often unknowingly leave gaping holes in the SEO work that they do for others.

For the technophobe

By the time you finish this book, you'll understand SEO concepts that even the vast majority of SEO professionals have not yet figured out, because while you're reading this book, they're busy chasing changes in the latest search engine algorythims and wondering why their sites fell in ranking, after Panda.

At the very least, you'll know exactly what questions to ask of your prospective SEO professional and what answers to expect. Then, if the answers are wrong, you can either find another SEO company or simply ask them to read this book, before you sign a contract. They may even thank you for pointing them at this book.

The SEO Secret Weapon of the Pros

When you pay an SEO professional to handle your off-page optimization, there's a good chance that most of the work that he does, is automated, by a very inexpensive and easy to use tool. What used to take that professional hours or even days, now takes a novice only minutes and does the work more accurately.

In fact, the broad availability of such inexpensive tools is one of the reasons why we got out of the SEO business. It just wouldn't be fair to our clients to charge them $200/hr for a service that they could do themselves, with a piece of software that doesn't cost even half of what one hour of our time costs. There is even a free version that you can download, to see if you like it.

Why would anyone who knew that such tools existed pay a consultant hundreds or even thousands of dollars to handle their off-page optimization, instead of buying the tool that the pros use and doing it themselves?

Well, there is one good reason.

You don't know the name of that tool nor where to get it.

Well, it is called LinkAssistant and you can get it, by simply clicking on the above link. Try it out. It will save you tons of time and money.

It's what we use in-house, for building back-links. Don't waste another minute on link building. Try LinkAssistant Now.

For the techno-geek

Although "NO LIMITS SEO!" is written so as to make it easy for technophobes to understand, we have included several code snippets. Also, the diagrams that are explained in detail, for others, will become instantly obvious to the techno-geek.

Actually, the web professionals to whom we've explained our concepts, have universally had one reaction.

"Why didn't I think of that?"
(often preceded by an exclamation that we won't print here)

Two Audiences -
One Book -

In our investigation of SEO books, we found many that were written only for geeks, while others were written only for web novices. This is actually quite understandable, if the book is meant to be comprehensive. It's difficult, though not impossible to write a comprehensive book on SEO, that will speak to both audiences.

But since we decided to limit our book to only those issues that the other books either leave out or provide incorrect information about, we determined that we can easily cover those issues in a way that can be understood by both techno-geeks and technophobes and everyone in between.

Even technophobes, who were only intersted in learning how to recognize the difference between a good SEO professional and a bad one, have understood the concepts, well enough that they felt comfortable talking to SEO contractors, without being intimidated. After all, it's hard for an unscrupulous SEO company to intimidate someone with techno-speak, when that person understands the underlying concept.

SEO Myths and Misconceptions

The reason why you need to understand at least the most basic SEO concepts is because there are some very broadly accepted myths and misconceptions in the SEO marketplace, to which even most of the oldest and largest companies in this market, still subscribe.

Therefore, if you or the SEO firm that you hire knows these simple secrets, then you'll have a big jump on your competition.

If you're farming out your SEO, you need to make sure that the company that you hire to handle your site's SEO, knows these secrets and can implement them. But to do that, you must know what questions to ask, before hiring them and that requires that you understand the basic "concept".

It's all about "concept".

You don't have to know how to repair a television, in order to buy one. But knowing about what features are available and what they do, is important. That's understanding "concept".

Well the same logic applies, when hiring an SEO company. You don't have to be up-to-date on the latest search engine algorythms. You don't have to be proficient in the technology. You just have to know enough about the concept that you have confidence, when talking to an SEO company. That's because your confidence will show through, when you talk to them.

Qualified SEO professionals will treat you with respect, because they know that you've done your homework and unqualified hacks will be afraid to try to pull the wool over your eyes, for fear of being caught making excuses that they know won't get past you. Your confidence in your own understanding of the basic concept of SEO will make it virtually impossible for an unqualified contractor to buffalo you, in order to get your business.

That's because, certain knowledge, trumps unsupported spin.

On the other hand, if you're doing your own SEO, you'll know secrets that even most SEO professionals don't know and how to implement them.

In NO LIMITS SEO!, you'll learn from an unbiased SEO professional, who no longer seeks SEO business, how to tell if your SEO company is worth what you're spending on them or if you need to be looking elsewhere.

Order now.

Buy NO LIMITS SEO! in Nook (ePub) format from Barnes and Noble.

Buy NO LIMITS SEO! in Kindle format from Amazon.

(To read any of these books on your computer, download Calibre at no cost.)

The best way to learn what questions to ask, is to read a "good" book on SEO. The problem with that is that there are many books out there on SEO and you don't know which ones are good and which ones aren't. But don't worry. We've read them and found the best.

We've surveyed the market in SEO books (both paper and electronic) and found only one that covers almost everything that you need to know and like I said earlier, IT'S FREE!... OK, they do want your email address, but that's it.

Now before I direct you to that book, I want to emphasize that even that excellent book leaves out at least one terribly important issue. In fact, if you fail to address just that one issue, it could cost you rather significantly, in ranking.

But it's not even their fault that they don't cover this issue, since it's an issue that we discovered, right here at We discovered it, we resolved it, we tested our solution and we've been quietly using it to get our sites ranked higher than otherwise similarly optimized sites, for several years.

That book on general SEO also skims over a couple of issues that need a little more attention than they give, so we cover those issues in "NO LIMITS SEO!" as well.

SEO In Practice book

The name of the book that I'm talking about is, "SEO In Practice". It's an excellent book on the subject of both on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

Just remember that your SEO education is not complete until you read "NO LIMITS SEO!"

Order "NO LIMITS SEO!" now.

Then, if you don't already know all about search engine optimization, go check out the free online book, "SEO In Practice" here.

In fact, even if you consider yourself to be an SEO expert, I would still strongly recommend reading SEO In Practice. With exception of the afore mentioned shortcomings, that are covered in "NO LIMITS SEO!", it's very comprehensive.

Together, these two books will give you the tools to achieve higher rankings than you might otherwise have thought possible.

Let me emphasize that just one of the "NO LIMITS SEO!" techniques allowed me to boost every content page on a client's site by from 2 to 14 positions, for their primary keyword phrase, within three days. You'll learn this technique and more, in "NO LIMITS SEO!"

Shatter the limits of legacy SEO. Learn the closely held secrets, used by one of the nations best SEO professionals, to consistently place his client sites in the search engine stratosphere.

Order now.

Buy NO LIMITS SEO! in Nook (ePub) format from Barnes and Noble.

Buy NO LIMITS SEO! in Kindle format from Amazon.

(To read any of these books on your computer, download Calibre at no cost.)


There is a lot of misinformation going around about SEO. Even many established SEO companies continue to promulgate and act upon incorrect information. It's not that they intend to do so. It's just that they learned certain things years ago, that were true then, but are no longer true today. They have been so focused on chasing changes in search engine algorithyms that they failed to notice that certain limits no longer need apply.

Notice that I stated that those limits "no longer need apply"; not that they "don't apply.

That's because those legacy limits can still cause problems, if not addressed properly.

Legacy web design techniques imposed certain limits on SEO professionals, for which there was no practical way around. But all that changed well over a decade ago. The problem is that most of the SEO pros of today, got their start long before that and they have been writing books for the new guys, based on what they learned in the 80's and early 90's. So they have been propagating the perception that certain limits that they grew up with, still exist, when in fact, the technology to eliminate some of those limits first appeared as early as the late 90's and none of those perceived limits need present a problem for SEO today.

Remember. None of the big-time SEO experts are telling you what is in NO LIMITS SEO! That's probably because they are mostly marketers, who got into search engine optimization from the marketing side many years ago and they are too focused on keeping up with the ever-changing search engine algorythms, to notice subtle changes in the underlying internet technologies that can affect their search engine optimization..

On the other hand, we got into SEO from the web design and programming side, so we know all of the latest techniques in web design. But we were not satisfied with the page ranks of some of our client sites, so we began reading books and taking courses on search engine optimization. It wasn't long before our client sites were ranking very well. But then, something happened.

A revelation occurred. Our president, John Gaver, who is always looking for ways to use changes in technology, to make his life easier, applied his extensive web design knowledge to the task of search engine optimization and a new SEO technique was born.

Limits that search engine optimizers used to live with, vanished in an instant. We immediately began to apply this technique to all of our new SEO jobs and even convinced some of our former SEO clients to let us try it on their sites. The results varied in the level of success, but in every case, the result was some level of improvement. We had a winner.

But the real beauty of these techniques is that they are elegant. They are not in any way, complex. It's simply using existing technology to gain an advantage.

In the past, we were told that a properly optimized web site and an attractive site that is easy to navigate and converts visitors to customers, were mutually exclusive. That used to be true, but it is no longer the case. But you have to take advantage of the underlying technology, to eliminate that legacy limitation.

You can have it all.

In NO LIMITS SEO!, you'll learn how you can have a site that both ranks well in the search engines and is at the same time, attractive and easy to navigete. Learn how you can have it all.

Order now.

Buy NO LIMITS SEO! in Nook (ePub) format from Barnes and Noble.

Buy NO LIMITS SEO! in Kindle format from Amazon.

(To read any of these books on your computer, download Calibre at no cost.)


Get the jump on your competitors.

Be among the first to learn these new organic SEO techniques.

Search engine optimization is a constantly moving target.

Don't be left behind. Order NO LIMITS SEO! now, while this information is still fresh. You can't afford to wait for it to become common knowledge. In the search engine optimization game, those who wait, lose.

Order now, in the format of your choice.

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Remember. You don't have to have a Nook, or Kindle, to read ebooks. You can read eBooks on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer, with the FREE open source eBook reader, Calibre. Actually, we strongly recommend that you download and install Calibre, if you don't already have it.



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