The Best Web Hosting (ISPs)

For eCommerce or information sites, these companies leave the rest in the dust.

The Best Web Hosting (ISPs)

Take your choice.

Pick a web hosting company that offers plans and features designed for your particular needs, whether you are selling a product, service, gathering data or providing information.

There are no one-size-fits-all web hosting companies out there. But interestingly, there are two web hosting companies that, between them, offer plans that provide a combination of features and services that you will likely not find elsewhere, for anywhere near the price. Each company has its own specialties and there is little crossover. The first targets eCommerce sites and the second targets everything else.

eCommerce Web Hosting

If your web site is aimed at producing income, either directly or by producing leads, then there is only one web hosting company for you. That's because they provide just about every possible tool for eCommerce that you could possibly want from a web hosting company, for one low price. You may have heard that kind of statement before, but this company actually delivers.

They help you identify your target market and then create in-demand content that will attract that target market, at no extra cost. They help you design for the search engines and get good rankings, again, at no extra cost. They help you presell your visitors and then monitize that presold traffic, at no extra cost. They help you capture information about your customers and lot's more, all for no extra cost. It's about as close as you can possibly get to a one-stop-eCommerce-shop. Don't get me wrong, you can spend more money, if you really want to, but you can be up and running, with a very good site, very easily, with only what they provide.

Here is the important thing. They don't pester you to buy anything else. In fact, if you want anything else, it will be something that you will purchase from some other company. For example, although they start you with 25 free Wordtracker queries (each querry good for up to 1000 keywords), which should be more than enough to get you started, you might decide to go crazy with Wordtracker queries and use up those 25 queries. If you did, you would not buy additional queries from them, but directly from Wordtracker. You really do get everything that you need to build a good, productive site, for one low price and you won't keep finding out that you need just one more thing. They make their money off of volume.

But, here's the best part of what they offer. A recent traffic study of a random sampling of sites, showed that 62% sites using their service ranked in the top 3% of all web sites, based upon data from and 35% ranked in the top 1%. I want you to think about what that says. How many ISP's do you know who can say that even 10% of their sites rank in the top 3% of sites, for traffic? We're talking about 62% ranking in the top 3% of all sites, for traffic.

Wouldn't you like your site to be able to boast such numbers? It can.

The company is SiteSell and they are one of the few companies of any type that I have ever run across on the internet that actually does everything that they promise and doesn't pester you for more and more money, for a never ending list of so-called "premium" features. But, it gets even better. They are constantly upgrading and adding features and those new features are available to site owners, at no additional cost, as those features become available.

I could go into a long list of all the great features that they offer, but their site does a much better job than I could, in this space. Suffice it to day that if you are doing business on the internet and want the absolute best hosting available for business, at a price that won't break the bank, then you need to visit SiteSell, right now.

If your site is not a business site, such as a strictly informational site, then you might want to read on and learn about our recommendation for such other sites. But for a business site that is meant to sell a product right now or to generate leads, SiteSell leaves the rest in the dust. We actually use SiteSell for some of our own business and can testify that if you follow their plan, your site will very likely generate more business than you thought possible.

Contact SiteSell Now.

Special Purpose Web Hosting

Not all web sites are aimed at directly generating business. For example, we once designed a site for a company that promotes multi-million dollar sustainable development projects to governments and other large investors. They didn't need the site to promote their business. But, they did need an easy way to keep project participants up-to-date and to share multi-megabyte scanned project documents. Not only do they have no need to rank high on the search engines, they password protect the entire site. Such a site would never benefit from the features of SiteSell.

Another site that we designed, was aimed at generating qualified leads and informing clients whom they had already contacted. Furthermore, their market was very unique and getting a high ranking on the search engines, for several of their most common keywords, was easy. They too, had no need for the advanced eCommerce features of SiteSell.

Other sites that fall into this category are sites that are informational, personal sites, or non-profit political sites, to name just a few.

If you think that your site concept is not suited for the advanced eCommerce features of SiteSell and you are looking for more traditional hosting, where you have a little more control, then you should be looking at Hostica. They have great prices and very complete traditional hosting packages, one of the best control panel interfaces available anywhere and prompt customer service, via a web interface. It should be noted that while Hostica does offer a rather good eCommerce package, their eCommerce package is just not up to the level of SiteSell and with all of the add-ons, it can end up costing more.

For traditional hosting, you won't find a better set of features at a better price than Hostica. If you don't know which is best for you, look at them both. If your needs are specialized or you just don't have a need for the advanced eCommerce features of SiteSell, then you need to host your site on Hostica.

Contact Hostica Now.

Note: We make no money for recommending Hostica. We recommend them only because we needed a non-eCommerce alternative and for what they do, they are the best.


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